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The Right Mixture of Resort & Assisted Living

Breese Manor Assisted Living at Maple Knoll Village offers a balance of individuality, support and convenient amenities for its residents. Each apartment includes a living room, spacious closet, large handicapped accessible bathroom, and kitchenette.

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Assisted Living Care Includes:

  • 24 hour staffing by Personal Care Assistants and Licensed Practical Nurses
  • Safety and wellness checks
  • Emergency pendant call system
  • 3 meals daily including meal setup, menu options, and special diet accommodations.
  • Reminders for meals, activities, and personal care
  • Two full time activity staff leaders
  • Social and recreational programming

Assistance Needs:

  • Medication Assistance
  • Assistance with bathing
  • Daily dressing and grooming assistance
  • Incontinence care
  • Wheelchair/Escort throughout the building

Services Provided:

  • Housekeeping/Tidy up services
  • Personal laundry weekly and as needed
  • Complete maintenance
  • Cable, Internet, & Phone
  • Scheduled Transportation
Call today to set up your own personalized tour of Breese Manor Assisted Living at Maple Knoll Village with one of our Marketing Specialists and experience a complete worry-free lifestyle! You will truly be able to give your family peace of mind as you Live Life to the fullest at Maple Knoll Village!

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A balance of individuality, support and convenient amenities for all residents.


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Maple Knoll Village Assisted Living Q&A

The length of the waiting list can vary for Assisted Living. Please contact our Director of  Marketing, John Ammerman, regarding the waiting list and application process.

The application fee to get on the waiting list is $500 for one person and a couple.

The application fee to get on the waiting list for your desired accommodations is  $500. The application fee will process your application and place your name on the  waiting list. If there is any question regarding financial approval for our community, we  will review a completed application to determine financial approval before taking an  application fee.

Pets are not allowed to live in our Assisted Living accommodations but we welcome  furry visitors. 

There is no entrance fee for current residents. A new resident to Assisted Living is  required to pay a non-refundable occupancy fee. It is equal to one month’s rent.

As a non-profit organization we work to raise funds to provide benevolent care for our  residents. This means that no resident will ever be asked to leave for financial reasons.  Before your resources are depleted, you make an appointment with the Chief Financial  officer. He will work out a financial plan with you. Anyone who receives financial  assistance through the Future Care Fund will remain confidential.

The Village Green is located at Maple Knoll. This park-like area encompasses 29  species of trees in our newly accredited Arboretum and includes a pond, pergola,  sculptures, winding walkways and benches for your enjoyment.

Yes, we have several employees that are Notaries. Just call either the Service Desk or  Residential Services to obtain this information. There is no fee for this service.

Residents will have an initial Medical Form completed by the primary care physician  prior to admission including a baseline mini mental exam stating that the resident is  appropriate for Assisted Living. Once admitted, for any appointments with outside  physicians, the family will notify the nurses’ station of date, time, type of appointment  and pick up time. Nurses will make a packet of information to send to the doctor with  the resident including Face sheet, Current Medication List, Consultation sheet for notes  from the doctor, and Physician Order sheet for any change in medication orders to be  returned with the resident. 

Two of the UC Physicians in the clinic each make house calls 2 times a month so the  resident does not have to go over to the clinic. The doctor comes to your apartment.

If the nurses administer the medications, the nurse gets the refills. If the nurse  administers the medication, all medications must be in the Box Unit Dose system.  Breese uses Skilled Care Pharmacy. The family and resident are free to use their own  choice of pharmacy as long as the medicine is packaged in the box unit dose system for  non-narcotics. Skilled care pharmacy provides all Narcotics for all residents- the nurse  administers medication.

Please let the nurses’ station know whenever taking a resident out of the facility. The  sign out and sign in book is in the lobby. Residents must sign out and back in any time  leaving the facility. If they will miss a meal, it will be delivered to them upon their return.

Currently during COVID- residents are remaining in Breese Manor and attend activities  in the Club Room socially distanced. Sign-up sheets are for 10 residents for each  activity.

Breakfast comes between 7:30 am-9:30 pm. The staff will bring it to the resident room.  Currently, no residents can go into the breakfast rooms for any items. Staff will get what  you request. Socially distanced lunch begins at 11:30 and dinner begins at 4:30.

During Non-COVID-19 time families can utilize available space for private gatherings.  These must be reserved in advanced by calling the Director of Assisted Living.

A day for cleaning will be assigned to each resident once a week. The personal care  assistants are to collect trash daily and clean the dishes. A laundry day one time per  week will be assigned. We ask you to provide the laundry basket with resident name,  laundry soap. 

The activity department staff and other personal care assistants would accompany  residents in addition to the MKV driver on any outings. Resident face sheets are taken  in case of an emergency requiring 911.

Personal Care Assistants work 8 hour shifts therefore, residents generally have same  staff 7am-3pm, 3pm-11pm, and 11pm-7am.

Day shift staffing will run 4-6 personal care  assistants and always at least 2 LPN nurses 7am-7:30 pm. 3-11 shift has 4-5 staff  normally, 11pm-7am usually has 3 aides and there is one LPN from 7pm-7:30 am.

A full assessment will occur prior to move in. Once admitted, a Service Plan with each  residents individual needs is established and updated as needs change. Residents may  receive Home Health nursing, PT and OT per physician order. They also may receive  Hospice Services in their apartments. 

Maple Knoll Communities, Inc is proud to incorporate Information Technology as a service to our residents. This is accomplished through several service offerings as well collaborations, partnerships and in-house knowledge. Examples include:

Maple Knoll ServUS Lab – Powered by RoundTower Technologies

The ServUS Lab is a one of a kind, unique space that combines technology with non-technical services to provide a one stop shop for our residents. Within the ServUS Lab, residents can mail letters, send packages via UPS, FedEx and USPS, catch an Uber, order grocery delivery directly to their villa or apartment, access voice assistive technology through Alexa, purchase tablets and smart lighting, get 1 on 1 assistance and gain access to endless learning through that educational programs held at our Knowledge Bar.

Service and Amenities

Residents at Maple Knoll Communities have access to the following services and amenities:

  • Free Enterprise WiFi (indoors and outdoors), Phone Service and Voicemail. Worry less about scheduling installations with the phone and Internet providers and spend more time exploring your new home!
  • Digital access to Activities, Dining Menus, Announcements and more through:
    • In-house cable channels with live and recorded broadcasts
    • Alexa Integration to My Community – Simply ask Alexa what’s for dinner or what todays activities are.
    • Resident App – On demand access to Activities, Announcements, Dining, Transportation, Handbooks and more!
  • State of the art Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) – Life safety devices monitored 24/7.
University of Cincinnati Collaborations

Formally affiliated with the University of Cincinnati, our residents gain access to unique opportunities. Residents have the opportunity to get involved with technology research projects by becoming testers and providing valuable input that in turn aids in the development of new technology.

Full-Time Information Technology Staff

Our knowledgeable in-house IT Staff helps both the business and our residents troubleshoot issues, give guidance on technology and offer a more personal experience. Skills and recognitions of the staff are as follows:

  • Cisco Certified Network Associate
  • Google IT Support Professional
  • ITIL
  • Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop
  • CompTIA A+
  • Rising Tech Star Award
  • Tech Power Player Award

No, it is included in your monthly fee

Changing of your bed linens, clean restrooms, including showers/tubs, toilets, countertops & sinks, clean kitchen, including countertops & sinks, floor care: sweep, mop and vacuum

MKV provides our residents with a basic cable package consisting of approx. 75 channels. Residents who want to enhance their offering will need to contact Spectrum and add those services on. You will only need to pay for the additions.